How Deep Rich Data Works as a Traffic Generator

how to use deep rich dataHow Deep Rich Data Works as a Traffic Generator


The newest traffic generator DRD or Deep Rich Data was developed by Thomas R. Reich PhD to help clients with sluggish websites and landing pages.  With Deep Rich Data methods, even dull or mundane subjects become search magnets.  The coolest thing about DRD is that the system is not a gimmick, not a fancy program, or a get rich quick MLM scheme.


DRD is a simple concept that works with Pinterest and Twitter to promote blogs, website pages, YouTube videos, landing pages on FaceBook and LinkedIn, just about anything with a URL.  It is a straight forward method that how to use deep rich datatakes time and patients but delivers results that are undeniable.


The system not only delivers Pinterest traffic from the Owners Pinterest site but from every Pinterest repinner as well, and all the Twitter activity and retweets as well.  But the real boost to traffic does not involve either Pinterest or Twitter, it is traffic generated from organic Google and Bing searches, primarily image searches, but since DRD uses rich snippets, the organic search goes to regular organic search as well.


how deep rich data worksTo use Deep Rich Data properly, the originator needs to fully understand Pinterest and Twitter. The website must have a fully enabled Pinterest site with multiple boards which have been SEO optimized for that website. Also, a fully enabled Twitter site is needed, with at least 1000 true followers.  All these together will allow DRD to help disseminate the message and stimulate the organic search properties.


Let’s say a company is promoting a special sale on floor cleaning in Orlando Florida, obviously leads from California are not desirable.  At the same time if a company was promoting a new kitchen aid for peeling a papaya, it would want as wide an area of leads as possible since the company would be shipping the item anywhere rather than servicing locally.  Deep rich Data can work for either situation with equal efficacy.


The basic foundation of DRD is the SEO of an organization’s Pinterest site.  SEO must be in place and pointed how deep rich data workseither to the product or service.   If dealing with a local product, use random local, city and state as descriptor words in the SEO.


Back links are also a key element of Deep Rich Data, they work to direct the picture to selected locations within the target website or desired landing page.  Without the URL re-direct, the system will not work.  Just creating a clear SEO path is not enough, a picture must have a URL redirect for DRD to function as a mass Lead generator.


Use Deep Rich Data for:


•           Event Announcements

•           Specific Products

•           Specific Services

•           Regional or Local Re-directs

•           Website Landing Pagehow deep rich data works

•           Website Home Page

•           Specific Page within the Website

•           FaceBook or LinkedIn page

•           Video (YouTube or Vimeo)

•           Recorded Webinar or Seminar


The direct point is not a factor; anything with a URL can be specifically and definitively programmed in advance.  The key to Deep Rich Data method success is the SEO and key word selection and careful selection of the pictures on the Pinterest boards. Keywords are the crucial to credible traffic.  Remember that due to the Pinterest file share rules, the pictures that cause the re-direct of traffic do not necessarily come from the target website or any specific location associated with the target.


how does deep rich data workDeep Rich Data is in its infancy, growing daily and becoming more viable with each new success.  Have questions or suggestions, let us hear from you, together we can make Deep Rich Data a tool for greatness, it’s worth the effort!




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