9 free Twitter application Reviews to Clean up Your Twitter Stream

9 Killer Free Twitter Application Reviews to Clean up Your Twitter Stream;

 Make Twitter Work for Your Small Business!


By Thomas R. Reich PhD

unfollow the bad Twitter followers

Here is a list of free Twitter application reviews to help you make your Twitter account more productive for your small business.  Twitter can be an awesome tool, but like with any small business tool, good results require an established schedule, some simple rules and some weekly maintenance.  Some goof free Twitter applications to help small business be more efficient can improve your small business social network!  The rules for a successful small business Twitter site are:

1)      Always stay on target, pick a topic that relates directly to your business and stay on that topic.  Offer interesting facts and tips and use Twitter as a way to funnel potential new clients to your website and your company

free twitter applications Thomas R. Reich
Free Twitter applications to unfollow the nonfollowers

3)      Don’t have grand expectations of what Twitter can do for you alone.  Twitter is an important part of a social media network, if it is designed to funnel interest to your website and blog!2)      Always have a link to your website blog or a link to an upcoming event in every tweet.  I know that makes your words of wisdom even shorter, but someone seeing your tweet in a twitter stream may want to click and go somewhere for more information.

4)      When someone thinks enough of you to follow you on twitter, always follow them back.  If they are the kind of twitter site that you don’t want to follow, and then remove them from your twitter stream right then, more on this later.  The free Twitter applications listed below will help you with this task.unfollow Twitter free Thomas R. Reich

5)      If you follow a Twitter site and they do not follow you back within a week or so, unfollow them.  Again, the free Twitter applications listed below will help you with this.  Twitter only lets you follow a certain amount more than those following you, so does not use up your Tweet space for an account that won’t follow you back.  There are exceptions, if you are a CPA and it is tax time, you may want to follow one of the IRS Twitter streams to provide daily updates from the IRS in your Tweet Stream.  This is a good reason to have a non-follower, as government agencies and celebrities rarely follow back.

6)      If you notice one Tweeter follower in your Tweet stream with constant tweets, and saying nothing, unfollow them, your followers will thank you for that service!  Not all the listed free TwitterBizCentral USA CharityNet USA applications listed will help you with this task, but some will help you with this clean up as well read on:

You may have noticed that unfollowing one of your followers is as easy as clicking the unfollow button.  But the problem is, who is not following you, who are tweeting too much, and who is following you that you forgot tofree twitter applications reviews follow back?

The 9 free Twitter Applications listed below will help you do those things.  Each one of these free Twitter applications has its strengths and weaknesses.  You may find that the ones I like aren’t as easy for you, and you like the ones I do not.  This is the wonder of Social Media, choices make it so personal, the more you learn the more you will love what a well run social media network can do for your business!

All these programs have a FREE Twitter application version, as well as several levels of pay to play.  Usually the pay versions do far more, and have more automated functions.  For now try several of them in the free Twitter application version, if you want, you can convert later, but all these FREE Twitter application versions will do what you need to do now!



Twitter tips and tricks

1)      UNFOLLOW: This free Twitter Application is a simple tool to just unfollow Twitter users, who are not following you. JustUnfollow provides you the list of twitter users you are following and that are not following you back.  You can select the ones you want to unfollow from the list and simply unfollow them.

tips and tricks for twitter

2)      DoYouFollow: A free Twitter application that is good basic system, these tools helps you to know who you are following and are not following you back.  One of the good things here is that you can unfollow the twitter users who are not following you in bulk. Apart from unfollowing Twitter users you can also create and schedule tweets with DoYouFollow Tool.

Twitter unfollow tricks

3)      TwitSpinner:  is much more than just free Twitter application or a tool to unfollow the twitter users who are not following you. It is an advance tool to manage your twitter direct messages, followers,  designs and additionally allows you to schedule tweets. If you are looking for a complete twitter management system, then you can consider TwitSpinner.

Free twitter programs

4)      Your Twitter Karma:  Apart from removing the Twitter users who are not following you back, this free Twitter application Your Twitter Karma also follows the Twitter users who are following you. It can easily follow or unfollow the twitter user in your profile in seconds.


Free unfollow twitter

5)        Untwitted:  This free Twitter application is very simple and user-friendly unfollow twitter tool. It helps you to unfollow the people who are not following you on twitter in bulk. It is safe to use and saves your time to unfollow unwanted Twitter users. It does only one job, but does it perfectly.
free twitter unfollow tools


6)      ManageFlitter:  is a free Twitter application that is a critically acclaimed set of Twitter Tools people have used to manage their Twitter account. It comes in both free and pro version. The free version will enable us to find out who has unfollowed us on Twitter, unfollow users who no longer post, unfollow people who tweet too much, prune and clean up stream to get more out of Twitter. The pro version offers even more amazing set of tools such as Follow and Twitter Search & Analytics.


free programs to unfollow on twitter

7)      FriendorFollow:  Another free Twitter application tool which helps you find out who followed you on twitter and who you are not following back after they followed you. It also finds the twitter folks you followed that are not following you back.  Find detailed information about your twitter account by using FriendorFollow tool.



free programs to make twitter more efficient

8)      Tweepi:  Possibly the easiest free Twitter application to unfollow your twitter non-followers. Easy to flush and even clean up inactive accounts. You can even force twitter followers who you do not follow to unfollow you by using it’s new feature. This is helpful when you do not want your competition seeing your tweet stream!  Visit the Tweepi website for more information.



free programs for twitter

9)      iUnfollow: A free Twitter application which provides more than what you expect. Some of the great features of this tool are that you can check the history of who you followed and who followed you, the quickest possible way, with keyboard shortcuts.  Additionally, you can unfollow your non-followers through keyboard shortcuts as well.


twitter unfollow tricksTry some out and experiment.  Remember, if you have a limited # of Twitter followers that you can unfollow in the free Twitter application version of one of these programs, I have given you  8 more to try!  Have fun and let me know which free Twitter application works best for you, I would enjoy hearing feedback.


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