Boost Your Marketing; 8 Ways to Explode Your Exposure

Marketing in 20138 Ways Marketing Services Can Boost Your Business


By Thomas R. Rich PhD

website and social media

The most important two marketing components for a small business, in today’s world of internet marketing, is to have a properly developed website and connected social media network.  Beyond these two components, each facet of that social media network must be properly setup and maintained.  You must also have a building and targeted email list with a regularly distributed email campaign connected to your website and social media network.

The history of MarketingThough internet marketing in any form is the hot marketing topic in many circles today, we must not forget traditional marketing methods.  Traditional marketing is at the heart of all internet marketing.  To successfully spread a consistent story and image out on your company, you must first have a professional logo, a color scheme, and a plan to integrate this logo and color design into your entire marketing world.

We cannot over look print ads, direct mail, and flyers, which are still an

print marketing
print marketing

integral part of marketing a small business today.  Also, do not discount yourself and your professional employees, grass roots marketing, networking and chamber of commerce meetings and events are all great places to expose the public to your knowledge of your products and services. All of these marketing components still figure prominently into any complete marketing plan.

Let us look at the top eight marketing services that can boost your business now:

website marketing1)      A properly designed website, branded correctly, and with an active blog is the center of any well run marketing campaign.  Prominently display your logo on every page, make sure to have a great landing page, clearly list services, and have a contact us page.

2)      Have a more information now/newsletter sign-up link clearly visible to all website visitors.  Put social media sign up buttons on all pages. Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the four most common social media outlets.

3)      Have an active blog on your website. Make sure it is updated 2-4 times a month with informationemail marketing that stays in step with your product or service.  A blog discusses topics of interest to those who visit your specific site.

4)      Build your email mailing list through customers and prospects, website visitors, and networking events.  Use this “opt in” email mailing list to send a well-produced and targeted email newsletter.

Social Media for Marketing5)      Set up a superior social media network, including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Brand them all with your logo and colors to match your website. Fans and potential connections know they are within your sphere of influence.

6)      Actively work your social media with interconnecting messages and encourage a steadily growing fan base on all your social media network nodes.  Be active on Pinterest, making sure everything in your network is linked to your website and blog.

7)      Send out a well-written and targeted press release.  Make sure it is targeted to your core press release importantcustomer and linked to your website and social media network.

8)      Develop great collateral material for grass roots marketing and networking.  Design and print cards, tri-folds, and flyers, all with your logo and color scheme.  A well produced and professional appearance is the key. Make sure the look and feel is related to your developing brand.

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