Deep Rich Data Shocks the Market; Dr. Thomas R. Reich’s System Expands

how to use deep rich dataDeep Rich Data, a new and dynamic marketing strategic tool, generates a highly visible and organically replicable campaign for its subscribers. DRD utilizes the interlinked nature of social media to create a strong marketing presence. Evidence of these results are found on various social media networks across the internet.


Deep Rich Data, a system of promotions through social media developed by Dr. Thomas R. Reich, has come full circle in over 30 years of promoting.  Originally developed for Music industry promotions of independent pop groups in the 1990’s, DRD has evolved into a system to promote YouTube videos of today.

Reich wanted to come up with a way to promote small business informational videos in a way that could compete with the Fortune 1000’s virtually unlimited resources.  Now, Deep Rich Data has how deep rich data worksproven itself in the small business arena, as outlined in the press release below. (Can be seen in over 180 papers nationwide including Newsday, Miami Harold and San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Kansas City Star, Houston Chronicle, The LA Daily News, International Business Times, CBS Money Watch and PRWeb)

A group rule to follow when trying to promote any video on YouTube was developed by Dr. Reich when he was giving seminars to students in the Entertainment Marketing Department at Full Sale University.  The rules are simple and open-ended:

1)      A video must be well produced to become viral, only 1 in 20,000 may brake on sheer luck with a poor quality video.

2)      A video should be 30 seconds to 3 minutes maximum, there is a reason that the pop radio version of songs and the MTV versions of songs are no longer than 3 minutes.

3)      Always explain who you are why this is important to the viewer and where they can find you.  Even music videos have studio, group, producer etc.

Thomas R. Reich4)      Be very animated, a static camera vies of a face will not become a viral video.  Many fast cuts, cut ins and scene changes are needed in even a 30 second video.

5)      Always ask for a response on a business video, a “call to action”

6)      Always include a link to your website, email and Phone #, you want them to find you

7)      KEEP IT SHORT!

Here is the video we had so much luck with on YouTube over the last few weeks:


George W. Bush played by John C Morgan
George W. Bush as played by John C. Morgan

See that it follows every rule above.  That video had 276,000 views at the time of this writing, and should be higher by now.

Want to learn more about Deep Rich Data?  Look through the directory here lots of stuff on Deep Rich Data, go to and sign up for a free evaluation to see if we can apply Deep Rich Data to your promotional video.  Finally comment, Dr. Reich does answer all questions about Deep Rich Data, or any topic dealing with Social Media.

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Here is the newest article on Deep Rich Data success:


George W. Bush in Deep Rich Data
John C. Morgan as George W. Bush

International Barter Company Finds Social Media Supercharged with New DRD Promotion

By Dr. Thomas R. Reich

Barter Rewards, an Orlando based barter exchange company; hit it big again this week with an amusing YouTube video, “21st Century Trade Exchange,” featuring a great George W. Bush impersonation by John C. Morgan.  The video had received almost no attention in 3 months until Tate Carson, founder of Barter Rewards, asked for DRD or Deep Rich Data to be applied.

“We were told that this DRD would help our promotions, but from 311 views to almost 300,000 was way beyond expectations.”  Carson revealed, “Our other social media outlets jumped up in followers as well as a good increase in visits to our website.”

BizCentral USA, a national business services company based in Orlando, has been contracted to do Barter Rewards promotions for some time and is a customer of Barter

Dr. Thomas R. Reich developed Deep Rich Data
Dr. Thomas R. Reich Developer of Deep Rich Data

Rewards as well.

Marketing Director Thomas R. Reich developed the basics of Deep Rich Data back in the 1990s.  “I was promoting music back then for major groups like Yes and INXS for

Warner Atlantic and others.  However, I had independent clients too like 2 Live Crew and D. J. Magic Mike,” Reich explained. “To get smaller independent artists exposure and charting, we needed taste makers, free goods and street promotion; DRD is based on the same assumptions.”

“We have seen a noticeable rise in barter sign ups here at Barter Rewards since Tom Reich and BizCentral USA began promotion through our social media and YouTube,” Carson added.

“Deep Rich Data will continue to evolve, but I see a great start here, it works,” Dr. Reich stated. “It is a new market with new tools, but classic marketing, basic promotion, and hard work pays off in promo biz, even on the internet”


Barter Rewards can be reached at 407.690.6824 or contact BizCentral USA for more information at 407.857.9002 ex 514.  Take a look at the video causing all the commotion: 

The George W. Bush Video
Click Here Watch the Video


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