26 Ways to Make Pinterest for Small Business Work Better

Useing Pinterest small business26 Ways to Make Pinterest for Small Business Work Better

By Thomas R. Reich PhD




Here we are, a new year and bright prospects with including Pinterest for small business account to generate ROI and real traffic to your website.  Ever wonder why some competitors Pinterest sites have so many followers and some have none at all.  Let’s look at a few improvements you can make to be a Pinterest small business superstar!

1)      Make sure your profile is 100% complete:Pinterest small business

A)     Use highly relevant business name, not a slogan or personal name for best results with Pinterest for small business

B)     Take time write a great “about” section, you only get 2 lines make them count!

C)     Connect all your social accounts both in profile page and on connect page

D)     Verify website, which allows your website URL to appear on your Pinterest site

E)      Upload a high quality profile image or logo, this is what is tagged on every pin you make

F)      Make sure to add your location, a US address is a comfort factor, French address gives an exotic impression, all a part of marketing yourself in the virtual world

2)      Make a separate board for each keyword in your websites keyword list; this will greatly help in search engine SEO issues.

Pinterest small business3)      Give all boards a unique name, yes it should contain one of your unique keywords, but use the focus keyword in a title that attracts interest to your Pinterest for small business account

4)      You should chose a board cover picture after your have populated each board with pictures, pick the picture closest to the keyword the board represents and make it one with a unique look that will attract interest, even with 100s of pins the visitor to your Pinterest for small business account will only see the cover picture, so make it count!

5)      Use the Pinterest arrange board option to move each board to tell a story from left to right, top to bottom, don’t leave them in the default position or each new board will appear last in succession, bottom right.

6)      Do not forget to add a category to each individual board on your Pinterest for small business account, by using the dropdown list called categories when writing the description of each board.

7)      Write a great intro to each board, using as many keywords as possible along with the keyword Pinterest small businessthe board is focused on.

8)      Add contact to each Pinterest board in the board description section.

9)      If you have a main keyword or keywords, you can do multiple boards from different angles on that one keyword.

10)  Take time and write a good description on each pin, do not leave the default from where you pinned the picture from if it is another website.  Remember if you pin from somewhere it probably already has a description, you can change this when signed in to the Pinterest for small business account in the description section of the pin itself.

11)  Change the URL link of the pin in the same area as above, simply highlight the existing URL copy the best page URL on your website or blog which that picture could be directed if clicked on and paste it into the URL area.  Now if that picture is enabled to lead potential customers from your Pinterest for small business site to your website.

12)  Remember; the more boards with many pins contained in each that relate to your website, the Pinterest small businessmore potential ROI can be attracted by your Pinterest for small business account.

13)  Stay on topic, all boards should relate to your product or service as described in the site description section of your Pinterest for small business site.  All pins should relate to the topic of that particular board description.

14)  One exception to the above is 1 or 2 special boards you may create from time to time in different seasons to attract visitors to your site.  An example might be a Christmas board, however the theme of that Christmas board should relate to one of your key words.

15)  Go to other related boards that will allow you to pin to their boards and pin those pictures that directly relate to their site.  Do not do this randomly have a plan and male sure the picture complements that site.  These posted pins are free advertising to get potential visitors to your site so make sure the picture you pin to another’s site is high quality and relevant their keywords.

Pinterest small business16)  Do as many likes as possible on other related Pinterest for small business accounts.  This will do two things; first it encourages that site to visit your site and like you back and second it helps to get your name out and around Pinterest.

17)  Commenting on pins posted to other related Pinterest sites also serves to market your Pinterest for small business site throughout the Pinterest world.  Make sure your comments are always positive, negative or controversial comments are never good in the Pinterest world.

18)  Pinterest for small business gives you the power to invite board contributors.  There is no better faster way to get likes and attract new visitors than to invite other related Pinterest sites to add content to certain of your boards.

19)  Add a follow me on Pinterest button on your website and to your blog, this makes it easy for anyone to follow or even visit your Pinterest for small business site, now that they are already visiting your website or blog and interested in your particular brand.

20)  Add a Pinit button to your internet home page, this makes you ready at any time to pin anPinterest small business interesting picture to your Pinterest for small business account.  With a Pinit button installed you can instantly pin a picture from a website your are visiting or even image search you have done in bing or Google back to any one of the boards on your Pinterest site that you chose from a drop down list, you can even change the pin description right then.

21)  Cross promote your pins to Twitter by checking the Twitter box at the bottom of the information popup page when pinning a picture to your Pinterest for small business board using the Pinit button.

22)  Monitor what is trending in Pinterest by checking the “popular section” if you can create a board and pins that relate both to your product or service and to that popular Pinterest topic, do it and get increased traffic, but you must do it right then while it is a trending topic.

23)  Use a little known app service called Pinwoot that allows you to follow like users and get follows back, also you can promote your pins and promote getting likes to specific pins within your Pinterest for small business site.

Pinterest small business24)  Whenever you can share original pictures of your products and services, of your staff, parties you may have, and any meetings you may have form time to time.  Pinterest for small business gives you the opportunity to share the culture of your organization, and color it any way you would like, remember to always be positive.

25)  BONUS#1: Remember always be positive in Pinterest, there are places to complain on the internet Pinterest for small business is not one of them, it is a place to shine and be as positive as possible at all times.

26)  BONUS#2; Pinterest for small business gives you the opportunity to share playable videos from YouTube or Vimeo right on your Pinterest site by simply pinning them from YouTube and Vimeo and play from your pin without leaving Pinterest.

Finally it is important to make Pinterest for small business a daily or at least biweekly routine.  You need to be adding and updating pins to stay current and relevant in the Pinterest search engine, yes they have their own internal search, so if you understand SEO and Keywords they are as important here as in a website.  Also remember that Google and Bing routinely draw images for their own image search pages from Pinterest and yours may very well show up in searches outside of Pinterest so have them described and URL linked correctly to your website and brand.Pinterest small business

As with anything in business, if it is worth doing it is worth doing well.  If you decide to improve your Pinterest for small business account, use the advice above but remember this.  Being consistent, being positive at all times and pinning a few things related to your business several times a week is the #1 piece of advice I can give you to improve your Pinterest for small business account, hard work and perseverance pays off in the end!

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