Deep Rich Data, Taking Social Media to the Next Level

DRD or Deep Rich DataDeep Rich Data, Taking Social Media to the Next Level


Reprinted from Newsday


A new term, coined by Thomas R. Reich PhD Marketing Director for BizCentral USA, is now recognized in Wikipedia. It refers to a method of SEO delivery associated with Pinterest, which connects pictures to a given online media network and selected blog.


The traffic Deep Rich Data (DRD) brings to a well-constructed online media network is beyond what simple rich data has done in the past. Using DRD, a picture can be“Pinned” to a Pinterest board, and after the multi level SEO of DRD is applied,

that picture shows up on multiple search engines under image search, as well as connected to its URL link or whatever associated link is applied to the base level.Deep Rich Data


Tom Reich of BizCentral USA, a national business services company commented on DRD, “Deep Rich Data combines many of the properties of Rich Data, with the multi levels of SEO which can be achieved by originating a picture on a blog, “Pinning’’ it to Pinterest from the blog itself, then using three levels of SEO within Pinterest and re-posting the same picture from Pinterest to a given marketing media network.”


Reich continued, “By linking the image over and over, and having the image originate in a specific blog, the traffic generated is far greater than simple Rich Data linking.”


Deep Rich DataTate Carson of Barter Rewards, an international barter company reacted, “We have seen our leads from Pinterest go from negligible to almost 45 percent of our entire traffic, whatever Tom is doing seems to be getting us followers by droves in Pinterest as well; it just keeps growing.” Barter Rewards, a client of BizCentral USA for some time, has a great website and a well-organized online media network.  Tom Reich has been using the Deep Rich Data with their accounts for some time.


Dr. Reich added, “To work within the confines of DRD SEO you must have an active online media network, social media network and a very active blog.”


Don Bruno of ITEX added, “Whatever it is Tom and BizCentral USA is doing, I see my pictures everywhere, and they all lead back to my site!”  ITEX is another account Tom is using Deep Rich Data in conjunction with a measured website, social media and blog design.


Deep Rich Data is a new trend, setting new standards in the ever changing world of online media. Reich has been using this system for some time, but is now beginning to incorporate it into customer accounts with great results.




Deep Rich Data or DRD is a new trend in social media SEO and link-building that is drastically increasing search results for targeted websites and blogs. Thomas R. Reich  Marketing Director of BizCentral USA developed DRD or Deep Rich Datathe deep search technique while experimenting with Pinterest.

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