Top Experts Reveal 7 Secrets of Marketing Online

7 secrets of Marketing
7 secrets of Marketing

Top Experts Reveal 7 Secrets of Marketing Online

Written and Compiled by:  Thomas R. Reich PhD


Today we explore the secrets of marketing; we talk with 7 marketing experts.  What each one thinks will help your organization grow and develop in your marketing efforts.  Each secret is a great piece of advice from a unique marketing expert.  Secrets of marketing are advice that, if you add it to your marketing program, will help the internet work for you.  Become a marketing mogul, a publisher and an expert in your field!  Want to know how to start doing it right now? Read on.


Tip # 1 – To market effectively, you must become an expert in your field.  In the world of  secrets of Marketingtoday’s internet, this is easily accomplished.  It is important that you don’t try to be a jack of all trades.  One secret of marketing is to concentrate your total efforts throughout your entire network on one area of expertise that highlights your organization in a positive way!


Jennifer Bourn of Born Creative wrote “Don’t waste your time being good at lots of things. These days, people don’t want to work with some who is good. Consumer expectations have risen and consumers want to work with people who are great. They want to work with brilliant experts!”


secrets of MarketingTip # 2 – Bring your marketing programs into 2013, forget about any marketing guides old enough to talk about Yellow Pages and Industry Journal adds.


Jim Connolly, London Marketing Expert  wrote:  “If you want to avoid wasting stacks of money and missing countless sales opportunities, throw your old marketing guides and audio programs in the recycling bin!

You need to know what works today; where even the smallest business can advertise itself to millions online for less than the cost of a one-off trade journal advert – AND – where you can mail a million potential clients in a few hours for just pennies.”


Tip # 3 – Spend some time learning the way social media works and how it can benefit your company.  Learning the difference secrets of Marketing between using social media for fun and using it for business is a big secret of marketing.


Thomas R. Reich of BizCentral USA wrote:  “Using a properly designed social media network and a functional nonprofit website can replace the old fashioned Yellow Pages.”


secrets of MarketingTip # 4 – You must set yourself up for success by creating good quality content, the tricks and tips are nice to help good content get more exposure, but one of the biggest secrets of marketing here is that good content is the key.


Brad Smith of Fix Course Marketing wrote:  “Be a Publisher First: Online marketing can’t exist without content. No SEO. No email marketing. No social media. That means you’re in the media business. So you better start learning how to create valuable content. Check out Red Bull, American Express and Lowe’s for good examples.”


Tip # 5 – One of the big secrets of marketing to create great content, and use that content to increase your status as an expert secrets of Marketingis to do customer case studies or spotlights.  Doing a story on your best customers makes you and your business look great and gives them some positive exposure at the same time.


Neil Patel of Quick Sprout wrote:  “If you already have happy customers, why not get a case study from them? Get them to talk about your product or service, how they used it, and the results they got.  Case studies can help build credibility for your company, and get you new customers. One company that is notoriously known for creating case studies is Conversion Rate Experts, and through them they have been able to lock in a handful of customers.”

secrets of MarketingTip # 6 – Don’t miss out on all the free advertising available to you in your local market.  There are any number for free local directories on line in your area and if you do not go online and fully sign up with a complete profile of your business, you are tossing money out the window.


Janet Attard of Business Know-How wrote:  “Set up a free listing for your business in search engine local directories. You can do this at;; and Be sure to include your website link and business description.”


Tip # 7 – Another of the biggest secrets of marketing is information and information that is interesting enough for your  secrets of Marketingreaders to pass it on can drastically increase your marketing reach.


Davis Searns of Haley Marketing wrote:  “An Idea Virus is a marketing message that spreads from one person to another without your intervention. Some idea viruses are entertaining while others reward people for sharing. They may be based on humor, contain intriguing information, or in some other way engage the recipient. Examples include: Refer a friend options on e-mail newsletters, online contests, Blog content that creates, Engaging twitter followers, Using social networking groups, Jokes and photos on Facebook”


7 secrets of MarketingOne final tip: Here is my #1 of the secrets of marketing as of today, do yourself a favor and read up on the Pinterest blogs here in this website and the many available in the vast world of internet search.  Pinterest is the single most important thing you can do on the internet right now.


Thomas R. Reich of wrote:  “I was asked what I thought was the 1 most important thing I could do today to increase traffic to all my marketing efforts on the internet.  There are many answers to that questions but, I would have to say Pinterest.   A well set up and active Pinterest, properly linked and completely SEO Optimized can bring more marketing traffic to your website than anything out there today!”

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