How Good is Your Website at Lead Generation?

website marketingHow Good is Your Website at Lead Generation?

10 Ways to Improve Your Website Traffic.

By Thomas R. Reich PhD

Having a nice looking website is good, but having a website that inspires trust and motivates people to gives much better lead generation results.  The key here is to make your website more “sticky.” This will keep visitors on your website longer and will help build trust, visitors that trust your site sign your registrar and the visit becomes lead generation. Below are several simple features and strategies that help make your website more effective:

1)      Have a registration page or “newsletter sign-up” link clearly visible to all website visitors to convert a email marketingvisit in to a lead genreation.  This will help you build your email mailing list, keeping your visitors informed of success stories with a weekly newsletter.

2)      Have an active blog on your website. Make sure it is updated 2-4 times a month with information that stays in step with your product or service.  A blog discusses topics of interest to those who visit your specific site and help in turning a one time visit into a repeat visitor and therefore a lead generation machine.

3)      Set up social media networks such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Brand them all with your logo and colors to match your website. Fans and potential connections know they are within your sphere of influence when they see your “brand” or look and this works as a net, a lead generation magnet.

4)      Actively work your social media with interconnecting messages and encourage a steadily growing fan base on all your social media network nodes.  Be active and make sure everything in your network is linked to your website and blog and make your enter on line network a lead generation machine.

how to use deep rich data5)    Include a ”product or service page” which helps generate income and recognizes your most popular products or services at an introduction price. This also helps establish trust and lets potential customers know you have a variety of products and actively want their business, this is yet another facet of a lead generation machine.

6)    Also include an “About Us” page which talks about the founder direction if the company but also has links to an employee bio page with information on your board and staff, also include any chambers or service organizations the firm is involved with. This helps communicate annual reports, accomplishments, new objectives, and unique projects and activities. This helps establish trust, transparency and confidence while also working towards lead generation.  The reason you are marketing your website is lead generation, do not lose site of that fact, make sure to blow your own horn as much as possible, when a visitor comes to your site that is the time to let them know who you are and why they should want to find out more about you.

7)   Have a “by now” with multiple options to purchase such as Pay Pal, Credit Card, pr online check etc. how does deep rich data workInclude information regarding exactly what they get if buying on line and what guarantees they have if not satisfied. Finally, remember this is the ultimate lead generation, follow up with this on line purchaser and make them feel like a valued customer.

8) Add a store which can help you sell even more items, remember, getting a visitor to purchase anything even to download a free eBook is a lead generation home run.

9)  Add short videos communicating your product, services, success stories or testimonials. This is very effective in connecting with people and getting them to take action, this is a lead generation home run.

10)  Add an events page to announce your upcoming events, workshops, meetings or community service DRD or Deep Rich Datainitiatives to ensure good participation.  Having an active record of service to the community and sponsoring seminars and Chamber events, is a good way to encourage confidence by the visitor in your firm and thus, is a great lead generator.

Having a website is necessary; however it is critical that the website continues to grow with your business.  By providing up to date content with useful information about your services successes and ever changing products, your website can build and retain a faithful group of supporters which will contribute to the growth of your organization, and ultimately turn your website into a self perpetuating lead generation machine!.


A nonprofit website serves as an informational resource to potential grant funders, donors, future board Dr. Thomas R. Reich explains website storemembers, and constituents; therefore it is critical that you continually improve this valuable communication resource.

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