10 Ways to Include Free Pinterest Account Features in your Organization’s Marketing Plans!

Free Pinterest account10 Ways to Include Free Pinterest Account Features in your Organization’s Marketing Plans!

By Thomas R. Reich PhD


1)      COMPANY REPRESENTATION: Encourage your partners and employees to create a Free Pinterest account and share of your brand on their Pin Boards.

2)      LINK UP: Linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Free Pinterest account enables you to sync all networks. In terms of following, Twitter and Pinterest are virtually the same, and you don’t have to follow someone to ‘repin’ or ‘like’ their pins. Linking up also allows you to share you pins on other social networks, which means a larger reach for your brand on a Free Pinterest accountFree Pinterest account

3)      LIKING & REPINNING: In order to place another user’s pin on one of your boards, you must ‘repin’ it! In doing so, you give the credit to who it came from which helps build relationships with other Free Pinterest account users

4)      PIN DAILY: Upload relevant, useful media from your website or find pictures that represent or pertain to your brand. The ‘pins’ that you add to your profile should somehow related to your brand and target market on your Free Pinterest account, and should be organized into ‘pin boards.’ If you own a clothing store, an example of some pin boards could be ‘Men’s Jeans,’ ‘Women’s Jeans,’ ’Accessories,’ etc

Free Pinterest account5)      BE AUDIENCE APPROPRIATE: According to MGD Advertising, as of April this year, 87% of Free Pinterest account users are women with the majority of ages between 25 & 54. If your brand pertains to clothing, children, or wedding dresses (among many other things, obviously), you’re golden—but if you sell chainsaws, lawn mowers, and tool-belts, Pinterest probably won’t work for you nearly as well, unless you relate those products to the interests of your boards.

6)      BE ORIGINAL: Adding your own pictures to your Free Pinterest account helps with link-building & awareness of what you provide. Although repinning is absolutely valuable, having original content on your Pinterest is just as important as having original content on your blog.

7)      SHARE THE LOVE: Frequently like, share, and repin people’s content! This will allow others to notice your brand, and when they see you are being generous to them on your FreeFree Pinterest account Pinterest account, they will return the favor. According to Inc.com, getting to know those who have popular pins is hugely important to building your network across all major social media networks.

8)      USE THE ‘PIN IT’ BUTTON: Enable a ‘Pin It’ button on your website and/or blog so your visitors can pin your content to their Free Pinterest account!

9)      Sales Tool: one of the main reasons people use Free Pinterest accounts is to help guide their decisions on what to buy and it augments the selection of what to choose from.

10)   Link-Building: If a user likes something they find on Free Pinterest account, the link to your website is available for them to click on and meander around.

Free Pinterest account11)   Visuals: People love pictures. People love videos. Free Pinterest accounts are made up of both! This one is a no-brainer.


I am warning you though; A Free Pinterest account is most definitely addictive, so watch out and enjoy!  I bet you cant pin just one!




Free Pinterest account


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