Top 10 Social Media Network Tools to Improve Your Online Presence!

social media networking toolsTop 10 Social Media Network Tools to Improve Your Online Presence!

 By Thomas R. Reich PhD

Want to be the #1 social media network star among your entire group? Then you are reading the right post. We present the top 10 social media networking tools, tips and tricks to boost your leads and contacts by widening your social media networking tools and at the same time, enhance your internet website appearance.

Using using social media networking tools, tips and tricks to make use of strategic thinking, capacity and time-saving tools free right there online to expand your effectiveness.

Lets begin with some simple tips:

1. Learn to listen for your visitor’s words and react in time-

Remember that the visitors to your site, that you are related through your social media netowork are the most important!  Those visitors who are associated with your social mediasocial media networking tools network should be observed and carefully scrutinized. What are these followers looking for in your site, how long do they visit, do they leave comments? For this you may use conversation monitoring with the help of tools like, TweetDeckSocial Mentionand Seesmic

2. It is important to participate and collaborate with members of your social media network-

It is important to understand what you want from visitors before you link them to a page or blog on your website. The engagement of your contacts and visitors from your social media network defines the success of your social media networking. KLOUT is a good tool used to track your impact on multiple social media networks.

social media networking tools3. Follow social media networks that follows’ you, if someone follows you or joins you discussion, always answer back, engagement is KEY to an effective social media network!!!

Your social media network must show your followers that you enjoy what you are talking about. Whatever your passion is, there is definitely some social platforms that will let you better experience that passion and bring like minded people to you social media network. Try finding the one which suits you the best. For example if you love music, follow or for artists. You may simply find what you need by going through Google search and learning what others with your likes search for in Google search.

4. Use social media managers to make management of you social media network easier-

You may save time by using some very famous tools available for social network management. Hoot Suite, for example, is a tool which manages your activities on severalsocial media networking tools social networking sites at the same time. It lets you manage  Facebook, WordPress, Twitter etc all in unison. This tool lets you read messages, keep your posts updated, set timer to send some particular messages at a cretin time etc.

5. Keep your contacts busy by asking questions frequently, a static site will not grow!

Asking questions can stimulate activity on your social media network. The contacts in your follower’s list will be engaged and more active. The question may be from any aspect of your website and its mission, for example, “What do cats think?” or “Do you find a social media network an important part of your life?” But don’t forget to answer each reply sent to you, and do it quickly, memories are short in the social media world.  Remember to save their email for future use!

social media networking tools6. Use as many link backs to your website and other sites in your social media network, this should be your main concern.

Links are the most effective lead generating tool you can use in your  social media networking. You may add links on your wall posts, status updates, your tweets and other contents you followers see. You can tag your friends and re-direct them to your website.

7. Be a  believer in ‘time-impact’ –

Time-impact is a big factor in building your popularity throughout your social media network. Noon Eastern Standard Time is the time which differentiates two major users of social media networking. American West Coasters are showing up for work, while East Coasters are starting lunch breaks.  This should be the prime time of your comments and links on your social media network!

8. Use MOBILE APPS for social media networking sites-

If you have got a smart phone, then simply switch to mobile apps for better access of your social media networking contacts. This portable device is the most effective way to remain connected for a longer time throughoutsocial media networking tools the day. Instagram is a popular mobile app which allows you to be in contact with your social media network. You may share pics, our status updates etc. on different sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. There are plenty of social media networking tools available for your mobile phone social media network.

9. Personalize your website and every single page on every site in your social media network to be branded the same in color and style-

You may redefine your website appearance by using a branded background concept. You must follow this style to the appearance of every profile in your social media network. For example you may use FACEBOOK TIME LINE, but make sure to pick consistent color and look to match the rest of your social media network. You may then customize your twitter page in the same way. Create a custom Twitter background to add more bio information and give your Twitter presence personality. is the best place to install background of your choice and match back to the branding of your social media network.

social media networking tools10. Backup your virtual web avatar. yes you can back up your social media network-

Once your social media network network is strong enough, don’t let it go waste. In fact, Social media networks are more likely to be hacked or erased than your website. For example, Facebook provides an option, “download your information”. Make use of these backup tools in your social media network tools to have a backup of your activities. For Twitter, try a third-party tool like Tweet Stream or Tweet Scan.

Enjoy your enhanced digital life, and let us know if you have something to share which can be of any use in social media networking.  Feel free to link useful social media networking tools, maybe even ask a question!

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