Donors are earned: 9 Secrets of Donor Lead Generation

donor lead generationDonors are earned: 9 Secrets of Donor Lead Generation

By: Thomas R. Reich PhD


1) Have a Clear Campaign Objectives – As with any marketing activities, nonprofit donor lead generationorganizations should first develop a clear objective for their donor lead generation campaign. This gives the campaign direction, against which you will be able to gauge progress throughout its duration.

2) Contact all Donor Leads Directly – A potential donor must be contacted as soon as possible, but an organization will derive great value from nurturing leads long after the donor lead generation process and the initial contact phase is complete.  Keep in mind that each donor will be at various stages of the purchase cycle when they submit their details.

donor lead generation3) Cheap Leads are not Always the Best Donor Lead Generation – We believe that not all leads contribute equal value for a company. 1,000 leads from one event or canpaign might be totally different in origination, method and quality to another. While it is human nature to want more for less, it is better to generate one lead that converts into an ongoing donor than one million leads that don’t generate any revenue at all!

4) Offering the Lead too much to Respond is not good Donor Lead Generation Policy – An donor lead generationincentive is often required at the ‘lead capture phase’ to entice the potential donor to provide their correct contact information. While they are sometimes necessary, those undertaking a donor lead generation strategy need to find the right balance between donors who are interested only in the incentive and those that actually want to engage with your cause.  A news letter or white paper should be all you need for donor lead generation.

donor lead generation5) Develop a Follow-Up Campaign in Your Donor Lead Generation Strategy – By nature the modern consumer is time-poor and expects a response in a mere few minutes, not hours. The time from when the lead is captured to when the organization makes first contact could be the difference between a lost or converted lead.

6) Donor Lead Generation Requires that You Understand the Value of Your Leads – The value of each lead captured donor lead generationthrough your donor lead generation campaign varies greatly depending on the marketing message and origination method. There is a place for leads at both ends of the spectrum but you need to know which is which in order to prioritize the amount of time you spend on each lead.

7) Don’t Waist Your Budget on Donor Lead Generation of Duplicate Leads – To ensure that organizations are not paying to communicate with the same lead twice, there are various platforms that ‘dedupe’ lead supply in real time. This means that duplicate contacts are removed so that your organization is not wasting budget on a lead that has already been contacted.

donor lead generation8) When Using Donor Lead Generation; Perceive Leads as Opportunities – Instead of possessing a ‘shortsighted view’ that a lead equates to one donor, perceive every lead as possible of providing multiple donation opportunities to your organization. These opportunities could include cross project donations, repeat donations or even donor referrals.

9) Support Donor Lead Generation with High Quality Content – Quality, relevant searchable content, supports SEO rankings, donor lead generationwhich increases online visibility and consequently improves the number of visitors to your website. Once on your website, engaging content can serve as your key advantage point between you and your competitors. This basically means that engaging, informative and interesting content is likely to enhance your credibility within your field and consequently improve your chances of gaining leads and turning your website into a donor lead

donor lead generation

generation machine.

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