Top Ten Tips to Help Your Graphic Designer Inspire Your Customers with Graphic Design for Attention

top 10 graphic design tipsTop Ten Tips to Help Your Graphic Designer Inspire Your Customers with Graphic Design for Attention

By Thomas R. Reich

When you are ready to decide what graphic design for attention you like and what direction to go with on your website and your digital branding, remember to follow the established look, logo and colors of your business.  If you are a new business, or if you have never established a good, high quality graphic design for attention look for your business, then you have the freedom to choose a look and feel for your company through graphic design.  However, remember that look, feel and color choice must be carried out in all you do online as well as in print and signage.  top 10 graphic design tipsGraphic design for attention becomes a brand only when it is uniformly carried throughout all you do.


When deciding on what look and feel might be right for your business, you may want to consider the following ideas and inspirations to help you visualize your dream and create graphic design for attention in your business:


1)    Gather several examples of color, textures and designs of other companies’ logo and website schemes for your graphic designer to have a vision of what you are seeing as a basis of your design design for attention.

2)    Look closely at colors and how graphic design for attention is used in movies; there are several basic designs that most movies follow, and your favorites can give your graphic designer an idea of top 10 graphic design tipsyour style and color preferences.

3)    Visit a theme park, major malls or public museums. Often times we get inspiration from the exhibits on display, the unique use of color and the graphic design for attention is involved in the exhibits.



4)    Visit conventions and exhibitions which concentrate on the target customers you are interested in, not with the idea of stealing designs, but to get an idea of the color and graphic design for attention that seems to attract the attention of this crowd, and which colors and graphics excite you.

5)    Go to Google and experiment by putting in words and phrases that relate to your business, product or service.  Click on images and scroll through. You would be surprised how many ideas you may find.  Again, not to copy, but to inspire and give example to your graphic designer, of your tastes and preferences.

6)    Ask family, friends and business associates for input. Some may have ideas that you find brilliant; in any case it may give you a perspective of what others see your business 10 graphic design tips

7)    Read blogs on design. Explore what the trends in your industry are today, what colors are in right now, and what you see that inspires you to look. Graphics are about inspiring someone to look and graphic design for attention must have an inspired look!

8)    Search a stock photo site for a term or phrase that represents your product or service; you may see an image that represents exactly what you want to convey. You may download the image to show your graphic designer. Remember, you may never see that picture again- but do not use it in your graphics without permission. It is always okay to use it as reference.

top 10 graphic design ideas9)    Ask yourself “what if”? What if I was the customer I am trying to reach? What would I want to see representing the company I would buy from, what graphic design for attention moves me?

10) Define exactly what you expect from the graphic designer. If you lay out your expectations first, there will be no misunderstandings.  If you want basic red blue and white colors, with stripes and geometric design in the graphic, define that up front.  If you want earth tones and an organic look of nature, define that up front.  If you still have no idea and you leave it totally up to the graphic designer, remember that and be open minded with the graphic design for attention you are 10 graphic design ideas


With these suggestions, you will have an effortless journey to a graphic look and feel that will make you happy and comfortable with how that design represents your company.  Remember, in the end, you have to live with that graphic design for attention for a long time; you must feel it represents what you want the public to see when they are exposed to your business, your website and your product.

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