Amazon Prime Air Like Concrete for Safe Rooms

Concrete Safe Room10 Reasons Why Concrete Best Material for Safe Rooms:

Interlocking Morterless Incablock is the Strongest Safe Room;

Like Amazon Prime Air it is the coolest New Thing

By Dr. Thomas R. Reich


Global Habitat Resources and their Incablock product researched for years to find the safest Concrete Safe Rooms are as cutting edge as Amazon Prime Airstrongest materials for our new safe room kits, much like Amazon Prime Air we came up with a lighter than air solution .  We found some very interesting facts:

1)      Newly mixed concrete will harden even if it is under water.

2)      Concrete was used extensively by the ancient Romans for a wide variety of construction projects, including buildings, roads and aqueducts, many of which still stand today, over 2000 years after the concrete was originally poured!

Pozzolan makes safe rooms lighter than air3)      The ancient Romans used Pozzolan (volcanic Material)  to add to the strength and durability to the cement.

4)      The concrete used by the ancient Romans more than 2000 years ago is similar to the particular mix of concrete Global Habitat Resources recommends today for greater strength and durability in their Incablock kits.  Much like Amazon Prime Air Inceblock has found a modern application of an age old delivery system.

5)      Concrete produces heat as it cures further strengthening the permanence of its bond to the structure as a whole.

6)      Cement is made by mixing water with a binding agent called “cement” along with other pozzolan use in cementmaterials such as sand gravel or crushed rocks.  When mixed with water the cement creates an adhesive that binds all the materials in the concrete together, turning block concrete into a solid rock wall.

7)      The use of concrete nearly stopped about 1,600 years ago after the fall of the Roman Empire.  Concrete was not widely used again until cement was rediscovered in the mid-1700’s.  Pozzolan was not added as a strengthening agent until when Global Habitat Resources Incablock safe house structures recommended it in the formula, finally equaling the strength and durability of The Roman structures of old.  Amazon Prime Air is a system that hopes to make an unmanned solution to shipping, as efficient as the traditional way of shipping.

cement block safe house8)      Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials on our planet.  It has again become a popular material because it is strong, relatively inexpensive, easy to use, nonflammable, heat resistant, durable, water resistant and can be formed into almost any shape.

9)      Concrete, when properly designed as in the Global Habitat Resources designed Incablock kit for the perfect safe room, is far stronger and more durable than most houses built around the safe room concrete structure, and in many cases have been shown to survive the total destruction of the house itself.

10)  Concrete, when designed properly, poured through concrete blocks and cured in the ancient Amazon Prime Airtraditions of the Romans by adding Pozzolan and additionally anchored to the earth properly, will greatly increase your chances of surviving an earthquake, Tornado, Hurricane or other natural disasters right in your own home. Amazon Prime Air will revolutionize shipping in much the same way!

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