10 Pinterest Tips to Increase Website Traffic up to 50%

Useing Pinterest small businessPinterest Tips to Make your Visual Obsession a Tool for Website Traffic

By: Thomas R. Reich PhD


With Pinterest, there are many Pinterest tip2 that can not only make you more professional, but make you pins more searchable.  Other Pinterest tips here will help convert interest in your Pinterest site or Pinterest board into a direct path to your website.  Matching the interests of your Pinterest site to the interests of your website is key.  With this in mind, other Pinterest tips can lead potential customers or those interested in your cause directly to your website.  Let’s explore a few of the Pinterest tips and improvements that can increase your website traffic, and like everything on Pinterest, with no cost other than your time and patience:

Pinterest tips from Dr Thomas R Reich

  1. 1. Start every Pinterest success story with the proper set up of your Pinterest account.  Think long and hard, pick the perfect wording for your overall Pinterest heading, these 2 sentences are the thing visitors see first and should fully represent the overall purpose of your Pinterest account.
  2. 2. Create a “bug” that fits within the 300 by 300 pixel maximum spot allowed by Pinterest.  This should not be an unlabeled picture, this represents you, your company and what you stand for.  Pinterest Tips: This little “bug” goes on every pin you will ever post, so if you have a logo it should be there your colors should be there and look around there are lots of ways to be creative and still represent what your Pinterest site is all about.
  3. Once you have picked and branded a Pinterest site, stay on topic.  If you are a Tropical Fish fan and have branded a site for your hobby, create boards about fish, aquariums and the hobby, do not post-graduation pictures unless it is a Pinterest site about your family.  If you own a paper shredding company, make boards about paper shredding, security, shredding machines – get the picture.Pinterest small business
  4. Pay attention and take care to set up each board in a unique way, write a good intro to the board, you have 3 or 4 lines here to describe what specific topic this board is covering within your Pinterest site.
  5. On both the Pinterest site description and again on each individual board save enough space to put both your email and your phone number if this Pinterest site is being used to promote your business or organization.  So often a nonprofit organization will expect interest parties know their contact, well today people need to be led by the hand.
  6. Pinterest Tip: Complete all aspects of your profile, verify your website and list it, this will create a link on the front of your Pinterest site, also verify and include your Twitter site which will then be given a link on the front page of your Pinterest site.  Link your email, Twitter and Facebook to the Pinterest account within the profile which will make it easier to log on and allow you to post new pins to twitter as you pin them to your Pinterest board.how deep rich data works
  7. Verify your website and input the code given by Pinterest to activate Pinterest analytics.  With Pinterest analytics you can see who is following you who is pinning you and all kinds of valuable marketing information, all free.
  8. Create a full description for each and every pin, it should describe what you are promoting or supporting your phone # email and website.  This enables those who find the pin outside of your Pinterest account to easily get in touch with you, a great Pinterest tip.
  9. Link each pin to your website.  This is a process that can be done easily and has been described in my earlier blogs, just go to troblenreich.com and search Pinterest tip or email me at director1@gmail.com for more Pinterest tips
  10. Pick images that represent what the title of each board represents, don’t just post pictures, post pictures the mean what you are trying to say, Pinterest is talking with pictures.

Pinterest small businessBonus Pinterest Tip:  Many make the mistake of leaving the first picture they post as the “key picture” of the board, or they spend a lot of time to pick the picture they like best only to find a better one half way through pinning to that board.  Press change picture and scroll till you find the right picture, click twice on that picture and adjust it to fit the frame of the “Key Picture” as you would like it to appear.

Bonus 2 Pinterest Tip:  Many do not know that even though the boards appear first to last as you create them in your Pinterest account, you can simply click and hold over the board and drag and drop each board to make sense to the visual story you are trying to portray.

Most important to remember about Pinterest tips, is to just have fun, if you are a visual person this is your medium, if you are artistic even better.  If you hate pictures and would rather blog, then Pinterest probably will boor you, but I bet someone close to you may be able to turn your blogs into pictures and a visual story, this is what Pinterest and Pinterest tips are all about.





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