8 of the Newest Deep Rich Data Tips to Make Twitter Work Best for You!

Thomas R. Reich Deep Rich Data8 of the Newest Deep Rich Data Tips to Make Twitter Work Best for You!

We all know that Twitter helps drive revenue when it is used properly.  Twitter works best when used with the principles of Deep Rich Data to deliver links to your website, blog, video or other social media posts.  However, what if you could maximize Twitter itself; use those tools that exist within Twitter to drive more potential customers directly to your landing pages.

Let’s look at some ways Twitter can become a better site for your use.  Ways that make Twitter a standalone asset to bring more traffic to your web site.  Simple changes and additions to your Twitter site and the way you use Twitter can add new visitors to your website.deep rich data drives Twitter

1)      The first thing many Twitter users forget is the first thing a visitor sees, the front page.  Deep Rich Data begins on your Twitter “landing page”, you have the opportunity to insert three image layers.  The first is your profile image. This should be a good picture that represents you in the image you wish to portray. This may be dressed in a suit, it maybe t-shirt, but the key is creating the image you want to market yourself as.  The second image is the header and should be your logo or a custom image that fits the rectangular square which represents what you are promoting.  Try to integrate your phone number and address into this header image. This will save space for tip #2 below.  The third image is the background. This is where you may get creative. You must play with the effects available, but this should contain examples of fun work images that represent what you are promoting or even a bio or awards.

deep rich data and twitter2)      The intro description and profile statement.  Many simply say anything that comes to mind in this space which is a very big mistake.  This is your bio the heart of Deep Rich Data and the one or two lines have to get the message across.  Who you are you? What you represent? Why should the reader care?  Here is the hard part; you must do this all in less than 50 words.  This section should take time to develop; it is the most important Tweet you will ever write on Twitter.  This is the statement any first time visitor sees, it is the statement repeat visitors see as they look for your newest Tweets.  You should also update this “bio” often to represent any changes in offerings, awards or personal accomplishments.  As mentioned above, avoid putting phone numbers and addresses in your bio to save valuable space for that bio, sales piece or attention grabber.  Integrate the phone number and address into the header or background.

3)      Make absolutely sure you have linked your website properly.   There is a special section for http://troblinreich.com/linking your website, when you simply list your website in your bio, it takes up valuable space and is not a link to your website.  When put into the profile as website link, it appears below your bio and is a link directly to your website.  Remember, Deep Rich Data is all about real quality backlinks, and there is nothing more quality than your own social media sites.

4)      Put perma-links in your website to your Twitter site.  It is a very simple process to link your website back to your Twitter site with small buttons, called Favicons, at the top or bottom or even in the margins of your website pages.  You will receive additional Twitter followers this way and having your social media sites connected from your website gives you site a more complete feel to visitors.

deep rich data needs followe backs on twitter
Always Follow Back

5)      Follow back those who follow you.  It is not good to have many more followers than you follow, this is behavior for celebrities not business people.  If someone takes the time to follow you, it is proper Twitter etiquette to follow them back.  If the follower is spam or an undesirable to you, un-follow them.  If you want an active Twitter site, you need to show your followers the respect they deserve with a follow back.

6)      Unfollow those that do not follow you back.  If you follow a Twitter unfollow undesirablesaccount and they don’t follow you back I suggest you unfollow them.  It does you no good to have an account that does not follow you back since they do not get your tweets and it takes away possible followers that could fill that valuable space on your list.  I recommend Twippi. It is a simple, free system that shows you who you follow who does not follow you back and lets you unfollow them.  Twippi refers the accounts that do not follow back as Twips and I have to agree with their sentiment.  If you followed someone in good faith, give them 10 or 15 days to follow you back. Them un-follow, but do not un-follow more than 200 in one day, Twitter frowns  on this, but up to 200 per day is usually OK.

pinterest tips7)      Attach your Pinterest account to your Twitter account.  There is a place within the Pinterest profile where you can attach your Twitter account.  By doing this, you can select “tweet this” when you pin a picture which has been optimized with Deep Rich Data and Pinterest will create an editable Tweet with the description and link for the picture you just pinned.  If you have URL linked to the picture properly within Pinterest, the Tweet sends followers to Pinterest where the picture sends them to your website.  The action also enhances the Deep Rich Data process and makes the picture more likely to show up in image searches

8)      Resend important Tweets many times.  When you have something important to link in a Tweet re-tweet deep rich datalike an upcoming Webinar, it should be re-tweeted many times at different times of the day for a week.  Also do not be afraid to ask for a re-tweet within your Tweet. Re-tweets get you coverage to all the re-tweeter’s followers.  Note: keep a record of who has re-tweeted you and re-tweet something of theirs.  If you have an important Tweet, contact them directly and see if you can exchange re-tweets again.

Bonus:  Gain Relevant Twitter followers, and lots of them.  It is important to gain as many relevant Twitter followers as you can.  By relevant I mean followers with a common interest that will be likely to want to see what you have to offer.  This is easier than you think; follow from other Twitter sites with similar profiles.  You are not guaranteed followers using this method, but guaranteed followers are never the way to go.  Do not buy followers; they are not going to do a thing for you.  Remember tip 6, use Twippi to unfollow those that do not follow you back; those you follow that do not follow you back are useless to you.  When you reach 2000 people followed by you, Twitter cuts you off unless you have 1800 or more followers, so it is important to unfollow those who do not follow you back.

The history of Marketing

Try some of these suggestions and see if you get some real improvement in the production of your Twitter site.  Let us know how these tips work; we want to hear from you. Email me directly and I will respond to any and all questions about Twitter, Deep Rich Data or any social media questions you have.  Tom@troblinreich.com

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