Barter Rewards and Rhyne Restoration Use Deep Rich Data to Expose New Spokesperson Jim Thorpe


Deep Rich Data promotes Jim Thorp
Pro Golfer Jim Thorp

Todd Rhyne of Rhyne Restoration was out playing golf with one of the world’s leading pros, Jim Thorpe, when he commented, “This guy can play; his swing and his attention to detail in the game is way beyond most golfer’s discipline.” Todd continued, “When I saw this I knew I wanted Jim Thorpe as my company spokesman. He agreed and here we are.”

“Rhyne Restoration is one of the largest roof and restoration Deep Rich Data promots Rhyne Restorationconstruction companies in the US. Their attention to detail and quality is well known in the industry,” said Tate Carson of Barter Rewards, a large international barter company based in Orlando, Florida. “I told Todd to get with Tom Reich over at BizCentral USA and work out some promotions for Jim Thorpe.”


Deep Rich Data and Thomas R. ReichThomas R. Reich, Marketing Director for BizCentral USA, a national business services company, was happy to help. BizCentral USA is a Barter Rewards network member as well. “I have a system that I developed years ago in my years in the music industry called Deep Rich Data.” Reich earned 67gold and platinum record awards from RIAA over his years in production and promotion as well as the days as CEO of Cheetah Records.

“Deep Rich Data is a system that requires lots of activity and set up

Viral videos make hits
Some of theGold and Platinum Records earned by Thomas R. Reich

throughout the social media world with support from blogs, rich snippets and a few tricks I use from the old days.” Reich continued, “Promotion has not changed. If you have a good product or a great talent like pro golfer Jim Thorpe and you are willing to put in the time and the work, big results are not only possible, but much more likely today than back in the 90s.”

viral video both made for barter rewardsTate Carson of Barter Rewards talked about his experience with Reich’s Deep Rich Data. “We had a very expensive YouTube piece we did called 21st Century Barter where we used a George W. Bush impersonator. It was very funny, everyone liked it but no one saw it, it had 311 views in 3 months.” Tate continued, “I asked Tom Reich to take a look. He said ‘This is a hit,’ and asked if he could try his Deep Rich Data thing on a corporate video. He did and today it has 448,000 views and still going.”

The George W. Bush Video
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