Lynyrd Skynyrd Family Member Jimmie VanZant Fishing for a Hit with Captain Matt Valliere back in Florida

Jimmie VanZant and his new single "Unfinished Life"
Jimmie VanZant and his new single “Unfinished Life”

Lynyrd Skynyrd Family Member Jimmie VanZant Fishing for a Hit with Captain Matt Valliere back in Florida

An award winning musician Jimmie VanZant and an award winning fisherman Matt Valliere find success and redemption through their Floridian roots of backwater fishing.

By Dr. Thomas R. Reich


Captain Matt Valliere, the award winning master fisherman and owner of St. Augustine, Florida based Backwater Charters, received the honor of hosting a music superstar on a redfish expedition.  Jimmie VanZant, part of the famous musical family Lynyrd Skynyrd, wanted a break after his recent studio stint of putting the finishing touches on his

Jimmie VanZant Fishing for a Hit
Matt Valliere with Jimmie VanZant

newest single, “Unfinished Life.”

“I grew up in Jacksonville listening to “Free Bird” and “Sweet Home Alabama.” When I heard Jimmie wanted to catch some fish, I had to take him out,” said Matt Valliere, the fishing legend of East Central Florida.  “He came with fishing in mind and we did great but he let me hear the new songs, and wow, that sound never gets old.”

Jimmie VanZant commented, “We had a lot of fun; I am a fan of Captain Matt now.”  VanZant’s new single “Unfinished Life” is available for sneak preview on YouTube. “The response has been great, getting back to my roots in Florida has

Jimmie VanZant "Unfinished Life"
Jimmie VanZant “Unfinished Life” CLICK HERE

centered me again and this song reflects the roots my mom instilled back in Jacksonville.” Jimmie VanZant’s solo carrier includes the theme for the popular TV series “The Sopranos.”

Captain Matt Valliere is known as the fisherman’s fisherman, not only a sought after guide, but a top competitive fisherman as well. Matt won awards in the recent IFA Redfish Tour and plans to hit the tour again this year.  “Fishing is my life. Some see ‘captain’ as a job and they do it well. I captain to be out fishing, I’m out fishing whether or not I have a charter.”

Thomas R. Reich developed Deep Rich Data
Dr. Thomas R. Reich developer of Deep Rich Data

Thomas R. Reich, Marketing Director of BizCentral USA, who manages the marketing for Backwater Tour Company said, “I use something called Deep Rich Data to promote Matt and his charter business, he has a locally based business, but it is very much national. People come to Florida and want a good fishing experience, Matt’s their man.” Tom Reich continued, “I worked with Jimmie VanZant in the past and when I heard he wanted to relax and go fishing, I knew where to send him and to whom he should go.”

Jimmie VanZant catches a fish and a hit!Captain Matt Valliere is available exclusively through Backwater Tour Company at 904.509.1662 and bookings are made up to a year in advance to accommodate out of town fisherman from all over the world coming to the Orlando, Daytona, St. Augustine areas.  Jimmie VanZant’s new single, “Unfinished Life”, can be seen on YouTube now and will be included in the playlist of his world tour, “Feels like Freedom”, this summer.

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